Stop Pretending to be SuperMom

“You have this picture in your mind of a mom or two that you know—their kids are always bathed and dressed nicely and well-behaved, their houses are spotless, they’re active in the community, they make Pinterest crafts with their kids, they cook all their healthy meals from scratch, they have a perfect marriage, their bodies […]

Shrimp and Zoodle Curry Bowl

Shrimp and veggie curry bowl–it might be one of our new favorites! This recipe was passed along from another healthy-food-loving friend and of course I tweaked it just a little for our family but you just have to try it!! Why?? Because it’s easy, healthy, kid-and-farmer-approved and a major mom-win because the NOODLES are actually zucchini […]

AJ’s Birth Story

I have started and stopped writing this story too many times to count. I know I should have written it down as soon as possible after it happened so that time and speculation could not cloud my memory. Even in the immediate days after my first child’s birth, the details were pretty fuzzy. This is […]

Seven-Minute Blackberry Crumble

Seven-minute blackberry crumble dessert, because it’s fast and healthy-ish for those days when you need something special! By now you probably all know that I have a sweet tooth. So if I can satisfy it with something that gives me a full serving of fruit, AND doesn’t break the sugar bank, I am a happy […]