Andi’s Birth Story–Part II


Be sure to check out Part I for the beginning of the story!

When I woke up on Wednesday the 12th to get ready for my LAST appointment at 40w6days, I was feeling some contractions and I felt a little different, but was by this point in denial that I was going to be able to have you without being induced. Your daddy went to work and I drove to Scottsbluff. Sitting there and being able to watch the clock I noticed (and tried to ignore) that my contractions were about 8-9 minutes apart.

I had to have a Biophysical ultrasound, since I was post-dates. You didn’t move for 29 minutes. Then you moved!! So you got a score of 6/8, meaning we had to have a non-stress test. I had a few painful contractions while I was laying there having an ultrasound. We suspected there was meconium in the amniotic fluid too. However, you looked perfect on the NST, and
we did see a few good contractions.

When Dr. Bruner checked me, he said my cervix was 60% effaced and dilated 2cm!!! I was so happy I almost cried. He stripped my membranes and said I didn’t have to check in for induction till Friday morning, the 14th. I REALLY had a feeling now that we were having a baby before then!

By now it was lunch time, so we went to lunch at Chili’s (your dad had met me in Scottsbluff). I had the spicy shrimp tacos and was SUPER uncomfortable the entire time we ate. Your dad went back to work, and I said I was going to go walk at the mall for an hour to see if I could get the contractions to pick up. (it was about 100 degrees out, so I wanted to walk in the air conditioning).

Our last picture at 40w6d. I was walking the mall, in early labor.

After about an hour (I didn’t even buy anything, can you believe that?!?) of walking, I decided things didn’t really feel any different. I noticed a few painful contractions, but still was not timing them because they didn’t feel close and I was still just not wanting to get my hopes up. So I headed home to get some rest.

It was around 3:00 when I left Scottsbluff, and I texted your Aunt Jen that I was on my way home. She had taken Atlee and TJ on a picnic and swimming that day since she knew I had my appointment (God bless her!).
I was really noticing the contractions were a little more painful about half way home. So I started kind of glancing at the clock and noticed for the last 30 minutes home that my contractions were about 4-5 minutes apart!! So I called your daddy to see where he was and he was not far from Alliance. I told him we might actually be going to the hospital tonight!!

I called Jen and told her change of plans! They were also just leaving Alliance to head home.

When I got home, I loaded the kids’ suitcase into the car, cleaned the bathroom, made sure there were no dishes in the sink, and tried to lay down and rest. It proved to be impossible, because my contractions were now 3-4 minutes apart and HURT. So I got up and made your daddy a huge iced coffee for the road.

It was now almost 5:00. I called your dad and said, “I think you better head home—you don’t need to speed, but we are going to have a baby tonight!”

Butttttt then it had been almost 40 minutes and he still wasn’t home. By now, I was pacing the kitchen, leaning over the counter and breathing through each contraction. When he FINALLY walked in the door, I told him he had ONE minute to take a shower. (He had to wait for a slow train and then wait while the neighbors moved all their combines because wheat harvest.)

SO—we then dropped off the kids’ suitcase at Aunt Jen and Uncle Ryan’s house, gave them hugs and kisses, and hit the road. Daddy kept it at 65-70mph (we live 70 miles from the hospital). I was proud of him. My contractions were every 3 minutes, lasting for about 50 seconds each. I was still completely fine between contractions. We called Nicki and she met us at the hospital. My plan was to walk the path some more when we got there, but when I got out when we got there, I knew it was time to go in.

We got checked in at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, July 12th, and a nurse checked me—4cm!! Woo hoo!!!

I attempted to walk but only made it a couple of laps. The contractions were HARD. We went back to the room and I tried to sit on a birthing ball but it hurt too.

So I decided to labor on my side in bed for awhile. After a bit, a little before 9:00, Dr. Bruner came in because he was already there at the hospital. I was dilated to 6cm, so he broke my water. As we suspected, there was meconium in the amniotic fluid, but it was pretty light in color. I got really scared for you, but Dr. Bruner and the nurses assured me it was not worrisome and that just because there was meconium present it didn’t mean you would aspirate it. What it did mean is that they requested that I stay on the monitors so they could keep an eye on you better.

Now things were really intense! I labored for awhile on my knees, with my forearms propped up on the back of the bed. I was feeling so much pain with each contraction.

After laboring that way for awhile, I was sweaty and exhausted and wanted to rest a little. The contractions felt like there was no break between them. I again labored on my side in bed, with Nicki holding/propping one knee up. I then got back up to my knees, propped up on the back of the bed. It was about 10:00. I felt pushy. And my contractions had spread back out. I was definitely in transition and ready to push.

A nurse checked me and I was at 9.5cm. So so close. She told me to have a few contractions laying on one side, then the other. I was so excited to have a baby soon! I even thought you were going to make it while it was still the 12th.

The nurse checked me again and said I was complete! But then, she said the worst words. “Actually, you still have a little bit of a rim of cervix in the front.”

I cried. I laid down and quit. Nicki and your daddy tried to get me up on all fours again. I refused. It was now 10:30. I could not understand why it was happening.

So for the next hour and forty-five minutes, I laid there and complained that I was in the worst pain of my life.

Nicki did finally convince me to get up and lean against the back of the bed again. I had an unbelievable amount of pressure on my cervix, and you were kicking me like crazy. Nicki kept telling me that you were just moving down—you were ready to meet me too. But oh how it hurt!!

Thank goodness for our birth Doula Nicki. She was instrumental in getting you here safely and without pain meds or interventions.

She told me she would not let anyone check me again until I had no control over the feeling to push.

Finally, at 12:15am on the 13th, I felt like pushing. In fact, I could not stop. The nurses had me get into position and push. Sure enough, they could see your head!

Nicki ran and got Dr. Bruner. The lights came on and it was finally time!!! I had forgotten though how much work it was and how much it hurt to push. I kept saying “I can’t” and Nicki and Matt kept telling me how strong I was and how soon I was going to have you in my arms.

I had three nurses and a NICU nurse was waiting for you. The nurses were so amazing and coaching me through the pushing, and although I screamed and moaned and cried, Dr. Bruner kept reminding me to stay in control.

At 12:45am you were born! You were covered in vernix, so chubby and healthy and bald, and had such a thick beautiful cord! The cord wasn’t very long though, so you couldn’t be put on my chest right away. They gave it a couple of minutes and then your daddy cut the cord. Finally I could hold you to my chest. It was one of the happiest moments of my life!! I had waited so long for you! I cried happy tears as the nurse listened to your heart and checked you over.

Within moments you had you fingers in your mouth, so I put you to the breast and you nursed for the next hour and a half! Being born is hard work!

just minutes old and already you knew just what to do!

I love you AdreAnna Grace. I have been thanking God every day for his timing, and thanking you for deciding to come on your own. This journey was rough, but I now would not trade it for anything in the world!

Photo cred to the amazing Nicole Smith Photography in Scottsbluff, NE
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