Get Moving in November!

Who wants to join me in having a healthy holiday season?? They say that the average person gains 7-10 pounds from now until January 1. I think in reality the amount actually gained through the holiday season is much less. However, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to gain ANY weight in the next two months!

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week (such as walking or swimming) or 75 minutes per week of vigorous aerobic activity (like running or a cardio dance class) OR a combo of moderate and vigorous. You should also strive for at least two strength training sessions per week.

It’s true that this season can be hectic and filled with special goodies. So I have done a little research and found some great ways for you to get moving in November and December to keep the number on the scale from creeping up!

We are blessed to have great local gyms with convenient hours and a wide variety of group fitness classes in our area. I am fully convinced that anyone of any age or any level of fitness can find a class that fits their needs.

Let’s start with the YMCA in Alliance. Along with their great weight room and cardio equipment, they offer several group fitness classes each week. Everything from Pilates, Yoga, and Cardio Dance class. Many of these classes are appropriate for any level of fitness, from beginners to advanced athletes.

I highly recommend you check out a Spinning class at the Y—indoor cycling is a cardiovascular workout promising to leave you drenched in sweat! It uses fun music, is more intense than regular cycling, and the intensity is constantly varying throughout class thanks to changes in position, pedal speed, and resistance. I promise you won’t get bored!

The Cardio Connection is another gem right on Box Butte Avenue. They also have a weight room and cardio equipment, along with personal trainers. Group fitness classes include Kickboxing, Yoga, Spinning, a toning class, AND the fun cardio-dance class Zumba. If you love to dance, you will enjoy Zumba!

In my own hometown of Hemingford, we have a 24/7 fitness center called The Body Shop. Here you will find cardio and weight equipment AND a full group fitness class schedule. I have tried out every class, and there is something for every age and every fitness level. All the instructors are certified, so you know you are in good hands! On the schedule you will find Yoga for 50+, Tai Chi, Cardio Dance, a Circuits class, Kickboxing, PiYo Live, Yoga, Groove, and Pound.

If you have never tried Pound, do yourself a favor and get to The Body Shop! If you think that fitness is not fun, THIS new workout inspired by drumming will completely change your mind! It’s basically a cardio-jam session set to energizing music. You will sweat, burn calories and build muscle, all while having a blast!

I should also mention that at all three gyms, membership and/or the class fees are all very reasonable. Keep in mind that your health is one of the most important investments you will ever make.

So let’s get to moving and have an active, healthy holiday season! I hope to run into you soon at one of these local gyms!


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