Stop Pretending to be SuperMom

“You have this picture in your mind of a mom or two that you know—their kids are always bathed and dressed nicely and well-behaved, their houses are spotless, they’re active in the community, they make Pinterest crafts with their kids, they cook all their healthy meals from scratch, they have a perfect marriage, their bodies are fit and healthy and they workout every day—you have her pictured?”

Well I promise you that mom is NOT me! Also, I actually can’t think of a single mom I know that fits that description!! 

Mom friends, let’s get real. This excerpt is from a piece that I am so honored to have featured over at Her View From Home. I was spurred to write it after I received about three comments in as many weeks along the lines of “I wish I was as organized as you,” or, “I just don’t have things together as well as you do.”

While I was partly flattered, I was also partly horrified. I never intend to give anyone the impression that I “have it all together.” To me, there is no point in striving to give anyone else that idea either. We are all moms, and we are all doing the best we can.

Me momentarily appearing to have it together before leaving for Easter mass. Where the 2 year old threw a fit of course…..

So I would love for you to head over and read the rest of my post titled “Moms, Please Stop Pretending.”

I hope you find humor and encouragement from it! I would love to hear your comments too if you would like to leave one! 

Thank you! XOXO Michaela


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