Chicken & Garlic Zucchini Parmesan

Craving fried chicken? Have zucchini exploding out of your garden? How about a healthy way to enjoy both?! This recipe was created using a combination of a baked chicken recipe from my favorite cookbook–Fixate, and a very unhealthy Pinterest recipe that I “healthified” a bit. It was farmer and kid-approved, so I hope it becomes […]

Beef Builds Beautiful Bodies

Beef builds beautiful bodies. Do you believe it? I do! Pregnancy Cravings Recently I was chatting with a friend, who is also pregnant, about our weird pregnancy cravings. They were ranging from pineapple to pastries to the classic pregnancy craving—pickles. I admitted that a strange craving of mine, from about the time the 24/7 nausea […]

Shrimp and Zoodle Curry Bowl

Shrimp and veggie curry bowl–it might be one of our new favorites! This recipe was passed along from another healthy-food-loving friend and of course I tweaked it just a little for our family but you just have to try it!! Why?? Because it’s easy, healthy, kid-and-farmer-approved and a major mom-win because the NOODLES are actually zucchini […]

Seven-Minute Blackberry Crumble

Seven-minute blackberry crumble dessert, because it’s fast and healthy-ish for those days when you need something special! By now you probably all know that I have a sweet tooth. So if I can satisfy it with something that gives me a full serving of fruit, AND doesn’t break the sugar bank, I am a happy […]

Healthier Bran Muffins

  I don’t know about you, but my kids LOVE muffins. And admittedly, they are a pretty easy breakfast or snack. So I am always looking for healthier recipes, because unfortunately, most muffins are about as healthy as a cookie. So I took the bran muffin, which my entire family loves (kid and farmer-approved), and […]