Do what sets your soul on fire!

To some of you, by now, if you follow me on Facebook, I might just be the crazy girl who posts seemingly non-stop about fitness and health and nutrition. And I get that, it’s ok–I embrace my crazy. But I want you to know that it’s about so much more than fitness. Two years ago, […]

Health from the Inside

What IF we could measure our internal health?? A conversation with a thin friend recently led me to ponder—what if instead of measuring our weight, a scale could measure our overall heath?? This friend said to me “I am thin, I don’t need Shakeology.” That statement was a little crazy to me, because if you rewind […]

My Hearty Meal Plan

Today I got to write a guest post about one of my passions–meal planning! I am so excited for you all to check out an example of one of the meal plans in the rotation for my family. This is also one of the things I do to help my friends and clients–I make simple, balanced […]