An Apology to My Husband

I owe an apology to my husband. I realized this the other night as I was rocking our new baby to sleep. I couldn’t help but think about how amazing it is that my body has grown and nourished three other bodies–our children.

One of our very first pictures together in 2006 when we first started dating.

But that didn’t happen without leaving a few changes to MY body. My body is slightly different now than it was 11 years ago when we first started dating. And I felt like I should tell my husband that I’m sorry:

“I’m sorry that my six-pack abs are replaced by my six-week postpartum belly. It is currently serving as a daily reminder that God chose us to to get to be parents to our newest miracle. The one I am feeding with this body. This body that is not the same as the 23-year-old version you married.”

You can read the rest of my letter to my husband over at Her View From Home!

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