Fitness & Farming: An Unlikely Analogy

Fitness is my passion. Encouraging others to find the joy in eating delicious, nourishing, nutrient-dense foods is my jam. Helping them discover a form of movement they love, and therefore can stick to, makes my heart happy.

But I have also made fitness my business. Along with coaching people to a healthier lifestyle, I also am a certified PiYo Live fitness class instructor. I teach at a couple of local gyms. I also can sell you the at-home version of this workout on DVD’s.

So do you think I discourage people from other forms of movement, such as running, Crossfit, Jazzercise, Pilates, or insert-a-thousand-other-workouts-here?? Absolutely not!!! The BEST form of exercise is whatever you ENJOY and can stick with. And different ages and fitness levels have different needs. And ANY form of movement is better than no movement, would you agree?

Having a variety of workouts to choose from is needed and beneficial.

So it would be CRAZY of me—someone who is truly passionate about spreading the message of the importance of health and fitness, and being the example I want others to be—to scare people into not doing some form of movement just because it’s not MY favorite, right??

Well that is precisely what I feel that some organic food marketers do. They use fear and/or guilt to discourage consumers from eating conventionally grown foods just because it doesn’t meet THEIR agenda.

Farming and feeding the world is a passion. But it’s also a business.

Organic foods cost more. Thanks to fear-based marketing, there has been a shift in mindset. For example, some now believe that eating no veggies at all is healthier than eating conventionally grown veggies. This translates into people choosing to eat fewer fruits, veggies, and lean meats overall. This has huge detrimental health implications.

All produce and meats, whether grown or raised conventionally or organically, are healthy, safe, and beneficial to your diet.

Having a variety of farming methods is needed and beneficial.

So I hope you can see now why I don’t understand why anyone would scare people into believing that conventionally grown or raised foods are less healthy and therefore shouldn’t be eaten. That sounds just as crazy as me telling people that they shouldn’t walk or do Jazzercise for exercise because it isn’t as beneficial as PiYo.

Eat nutrient-dense foods, like fruits, veggies, and lean meats. Don’t worry about farming method. Move your body—dance, walk, lift weights, do Yoga, just move your body!

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